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The Original Band Name List

And now, a brief history of the Swarming Midget Band Name Archive:
You see friends, sometime in early 1995, a lowly college student and his friends were trying to find a name for their band. For weeks, they racked their brains, coming up with nothing that they really liked. Out of desperation, they turned to their friends who lived nearby. Putting a piece of paper outside his door with the simple words "Name my band." hastily scrawled on it, the lowly college student found his neighbors were more than willing to offer their advice, and soon several pieces of paper were filled with names. But alas, a name was never found. Still, this first attempt at the archive has provided the inspiration to go further in the search for a perfect band name on the Internet, and so the list has grown. It is to those whom formed this original list that this page is dedicated.