Imaginary Instruments 7" review
Pulp, April 10, 2003

Imaginary Instruments 7-inch cover The Orchid Pool is the perfect band to hear now that spring has finally sprung and brought with it a renewal of all things warm and bright. Tony and Kimberly [Paglia], partners in life as well as music, play songs that suit the season, using a number of instruments from piano to cello to guitar...adding percussion in the form of toy xylophone or drums. "When You Gonna See Things My Way" charts a piano-driven course from Paul McCartney to the indie pop of Olivia Tremor Control, which accurately sums up Tony's musical sphere. In "Sea Monkeys" they pay homage to the novelty item with beautiful harmonies sung over a drum machine beat, Casio drone and slide guitar. Residents of Athens, GA the Orchid Pool originated in Western Pennsylvania and played in [Pittsburgh] a few times before moving south a few years ago. It's time to welcome them home.

- Mike Shanley