Imaginary Instruments 7" review
Dream Magazine #3, Fall 2002 (Sweden)

Looking Down 7This four song / four artist EP opens with Groan Alone alone on acoustic guitar singing the title song to his soul, which left his body when he died the night before; not really realizing he is dead. And it feels like a leaf blown weightless and carried high in the sunlight.

The Orchid Pool are next with the exquisitely beautiful Have It, that was constructed by two musicians thousands of miles apart exchanging MP3s through emails. Karl Morten Dahl (of Aquarium Poppers) and Tony Paglia of The Orchid Pool make cool dark melodic magic that feels like hushed reverence; reminding me a bit of Martin Phillipps more sober underwater reveries.

Ring is next with Path To Freedom, which conjours deep northern woods, and an insular combination of warmth and loneliness. The end things on the right note Peter Scion delivers the eerie otherworldly Like Ghosts, which sounds haunted, lovely and dark. This EP literally climbs from strength to strength.

- George Parsons