Chutes and Ladders review
Dagger, #29, Fall 2001

Chutes and Ladders coverThis is the husband and wife team of Tony & Kimberly Paglia and I reviewed their last record (Mayfly) last issue and here's 10 more slices of the unique pop that these 2 can conjure up. They both play, like, a million instruments and the songwriting is there. In fact, I can't believe they haven't been signed yet. Both "In the Sun" and "Girl on Channel 4" were snappy pop tunes, ones that you could skip through town while snapping your finger to. "Chicken Plays with Toys" even had a little bit of a country-beat to it and they can do the ballad thing too ("Heard Your Daydreams" and "This is Not a Step"). Expect big things from these two in the near future.

- Tim Hinely