Mayfly review
Baka-Poi, September 2001

Mayfly cover Formed by Tony and his wife Kimberly, The Orchid Pool alternates sweet and sad melodies (Ladybug, Dust Bunnies) and delicate and more pop ones with lively chorus (Geetar-Boy, She Breathes). The guitar swings or the trumpet cries -- depends on the song! -- and Tony's voice is charming. General feeling of sadness but with a kid spirit (well, I think of that when I heard Great Pogo Stick Race). So, a nice record with a lovely handmade packaging.

Kimberly also realises some tiny comics books called "My life in..." (hair, glasses, crush...). They are cute and funny and each of us could probably find one or two things in common with Kimberly's life! (I also had a crush on Superman when I was a kid.)

- Katy Sarrazin